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A combination of vapor chambers and graphite sheets will dissipate heat to the back of a laptop display and in so doing let the laptop run 30 percent cooler.

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Whenever Intel makes an announcement related to laptops, we assume it’s going to be some new processor line that’s faster and sips less power. However, for CES 2020 Intel is expected to put the focus on a major advancement in cooling for mobile processors.

As TechSpot reports, when CES kicks off on Jan 7, Intel will unveil a new cooling solution for laptops which holds the potential to let them run 30 percent cooler. It forms part of the company’s ongoing Project Athena initiative.

Existing laptop cooling relies on the combination of a heatsink and heat pipes to draw heat away from the processor. Intel’s new solution replaces that setup with graphite sheets and vapor chambers, which are much more efficient for quickly dispersing heat than heat pipes. Just as importantly, rather than dissipating the heat underneath the keyboard, this new method transfers the heat to the back of the laptop display via the graphite sheets. In so doing, all of the components in the laptop should be subjected to much less heat.

The expected 30 percent improvement in cooling efficiency will allow for thinner laptops, but also a reduced need for fans. The knock on effect of that being less noise and longer battery life. Of course, it also means the fans could remain and higher performance, hotter chips could be used in gaming laptops.

If Intel’s cooling system is as good as it sounds, expect laptops using it to look a little different. As the graphite sheets need to extend up behind the display, new hinge designs will be required. We’re also going to have to get used to laptops that have much warmer screens.

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