Outdated Technology in the Workplace Costs Companies | News & Opinion

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The price of old technology in the workplace—laggy laptops, out-of-date OSes, inadequate security—is decreased worker productivity and poor morale.

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Do you have the best tools you need to do your job? Startup supporter ZenBusiness surveyed 917 office workers about the state of technology in their workplaces, and it found that many people don’t.

586146 the why axis bug - Outdated Technology in the Workplace Costs Companies | News & OpinionAccording the the survey results, many businesses have a serious issue with outdated computers, software, and other technology. Employers might be reluctant to upgrade because of the expense, but what looks like savings can exact a cost in employee productivity.

Over 50 percent of those surveyed said outdated tech had a moderate effect on their productivity, and over 16 percent said it had a major one. That’s a large part of the workforce that is wasting company time through no fault of their own.

Moreover, outdated technology has a trickledown effect. Computers that are out of date might not be able to run the latest software, including communications and cybersecurity solutions. Not to mention that there are maintenance and repair costs to contend with.

Making employees work on outdated equipment also affects morale. The same survey found that for 57 percent of employees, it had a moderate to major effect on their job satisfaction.

A question posed nearly seven years ago to Stack Exchange dealt with a developer who was not provided the proper equipment to do their job and so sought out answers about whether they should use their own setup. Two years ago, they returned to the post for an update: “I no longer work at this company, but looking back this initial laptop business should have been a red flag indicating the company wanted to save money wherever possible. While I did enjoy working there, many constraints were posed due to working with old servers with little to no hard drive space, performance issues, and software from 2003. If you find yourself in this situation, proceed with caution.”

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