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667587 adobe creative cloud desktop app october 2019 - Adobe Turns Its Creative Cloud Desktop App Into a Hub | News & Opinion

If you subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud set of apps and services, get ready for a re-imagined desktop app as Adobe decided to turn it into a full-bown creative hub.

As The Verge reports, the Creative Cloud desktop app used to be a drop-down menu for accessing the different Adobe apps and their updates. However, Adobe is continuing to expand to other platforms as well as increasing its range of services, so a redesign was required.

Now, the desktop app brings together everything Adobe. You can still use it to access all the Creative Cloud apps and services, but a full list of available assets will be presented, as will tutorials for the different apps and their features. It’s also now a full-screen experience, which you can see in action in the tweeted video below.

As Belsky points out in his tweet, this also seems to be a discovery move by Adobe to get users seeing more of what the company has to offer. In turn, that should make them better customers long-term as they come to rely on a wider range of Adobe’s tools and services.

For now, you’ll only see the new Creative Cloud desktop app if you’re located in France or Germany. Japan gets it tomorrow, and US users will have to wait another week before it arrives.

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